Oh, Wild Arms 2 how I still love you to this day. I consider the first three Wild Arms games to be some of my favorite RPG’s ever, but for this story lets take a journey back to my handsome fourth grade self. gfs_2632_2_13_mid

My mother was on a trip to do some errands. One of those involving the local K-Mart where she had one simple job. To buy me Power Rangers: Time Force. I sat there for hours waiting for her to finish all her errands and bring me back my spoils. I sat on a recently discovered site called ‘Gamefaqs’ reading all about the game and imagined myself playing it. I also probably beat up some imaginary villains as a Power Ranger for good measure. Finally the time came and she pulled into the driveway. I ran out to the car to “help” with the bags. I rummaged through them all until I pulled out a game. Wild Arms 2. This was not the game I was looking for. My heart was so set on Power Rangers, what the heck was Wild Arms 2? I felt betrayed. In my fourth grade mind; Power Rangers: Time Force was going to be the best game ever! Seeing the puzzled look on my face, my mother informed me the K-Mart employee let her know that Power Rangers: Time Force sucked, and to get me Wild Arms 2 instead. At that moment I hated that K-Mart employee. How dare he.

But, trusting my mothers judgment I popped the game into my Playstation. It. Was. Amazing. After getting over the fact I was playing as a man named Ashley, which my fourth grade self found hilarious. I was in love, the characters and their stories, the wild west atmosphere, and the music. Also the unique way you had to scan the map to discover hidden items and towns. In the Wild Arms series instead of the towns and dungeons being visible on the map from the start, you had to scan with a type of sonar and manually discover the towns. I made sure no square inch of that map was left un-scanned.

tumblr_mhe6c4YQb41qztemoo1_500I would certainly credit Wild Arms 2 for getting me into RPG’s. This was right around the time of my life that I was really getting into the genre. I played just a sample of Final Fantasy VII years before, but it wasn’t until I played games such as Wild Arms 2, The Legend of Dragoon and Lunar that I discovered my love for the genre. Looking back on it now, thanks to that K-Mart employee, and my mom knowing I could do better then Power Rangers: Time Force. A chain of events happened that resulted in me receiving one of my favorite RPG’s of all time. Thanks nameless K-Mart employee. I forgive you.

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