xboxinfinity-640x424So the latest next generation Xbox rumours are that it’ll be called the Xbox Infinity. We’ve only got almost a week to wait until the official launch event and Microsoft are still keeping schtum about it all. But does the name actually work? I think it very well could!

The rumour comes in from The International Business Times who say that they’ve received the nod from “sources related to the development of the new Xbox” that the next console will in fact be called the Xbox Infinity.

The image on the left hand side was then created by Reddit user C-Ron titled “Saved you guys a month of waiting. Thank me whenever.” The image was then lifted by several news sources claiming it was a leaked image, when in fact it was just a mock up by C-Ron.

Funnily enough though I believe Xbox Infinity could very well be the a legitimate name. Even though the image is a mock up if we twist the infinity part of the image around you’ve got Xbox 8 – another rumoured name for the next generation Xbox!

Of course the unknown source at IBTimes may not be legitimate so like with every rumour we’ve heard so far about the next generation Xbox take it with a pinch of salt. Though by now you’ve probably got a handful.

[Source: IBTimes]

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