Watch_DogsThose of you in the US who plan to pre-order Watch_Dogs have got a choice to make depending on what sort of perks you want to come with your copy of the game. Either pre-ordering from Amazon, or Gamestop will give you two different types of rewards, or both if you’ve got some cash to burn.

If you choose to pre-order from Amazon you get Signature Shot Pack. This pack includes an exclusive mission which involves the player infiltrating the hideout of the Black Viceroys, who are one of many gangs in Watch_Dogs, and steal a package which includes the Biometric Assault Rifle and a Black Viceroys outfit for Aiden Pearce.

If you’re a Gamestop fan you can pre-order there too, but you’ll receive the Palace Pack which includes a mission that involves a police raid a palace owned by an internet millionaire. You’re tasked with the mission to get in to the palace, find a hard drive which you’ll have to wipe, and get out before the cops show up. The pack also includes a bonus perk that provides extra cash when Pearce hacks ATMs and unlocks exclusive investigations. Along with in game content you’ll also receive a poster that’s been designed by Marvel and DC artist Alex Ross.

Those of you in the UK don’t miss out on these exclusive in game packs though as they’re both included in the Dedsec Edition of the game which will launch along side the standard edition on November 22.

Watch_Dogs is scheduled for release on November 19th in North America and November 22 in Europe for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and Windows PC. It’ll also be available for PlayStation 4 at launch as well as the next generation Xbox 360 by the end of 2013.

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