Gangster Squad and LA Noire

We’re all here for the same reason, to play video games. We’re all different in what we play though, and that’s fine. Some people like big title games, some prefer a good indie game. But what we all have in common is that a game can totally capture us and bring the world we’re playing in alive. But what about Film and TV Programmes, they too can totally enthrall you. Sometimes so much so you want to relive or reenact what you just watched, so I have decided to come up with a list of games to compliment a TV show/Film or a TV Show/Film to compliment a game, depending at what angle you look at this. So lets get started.

Gangster Squad and LA NoireGangster Squad & LA Noire: Monday (27th) saw the release of Gangster Squad on DVD and Blu-Ray, The film is set against a stunning Los Angeles  background still adjusting after World War II, with eastern mobster Mickey Cohen muscling his way into the City of Angels it is left in the hands of one LAPD Sargent and a team of skilled officers to leave the badges at home and tear Cohen’s outfit to pieces. From the shootouts to the car chases captured in the Film it is truly a great adaptation of the Noire LA that we all came to know and love in 2011 with LA Noire. Once the film was over, there was no other choice than LA Noire to compliment the action of Gangster Squad. For me when playing LA Noire the first time round I was totally captured by the 1940’s style LA, from the Cars to the Music it was all done brilliantly by Rockstar and the second time around playing it after watching Gangster Squad it was still just as amazing, maybe even a little better. In comparison the Game and Film are different but it’s the Background of LA that bring them together, if you’ve played LA Noire I would suggest you go and pick up a copy of Gangster Squad. And if you’re looking to relive the action of Gangster Squad and you have a games console then play LA Noire, you will not be disappointed.

The Borgias and ACBThe Borgias & Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: The Sky Atlantic series started in 2011 and the third series is set to be released over here very soon. It follows the original criminal family of Italy, mainly the actions of one Cesare Borgia the son of then Pope, Rodrigo. The first series follows the families quest to the highest reaches of the Roman Catholic Church and what lengths they will go to reach their goal. Rodrigo, with the help of his son, Bribe; Poison and Murder their way to the top of the Church. Whilst all of this happens they make one main enemy, a fellow Cardinal whom reaches out to the French King to march his forces against the tyrant Pope. And now for the game, as we are all well aware, I’m rather fond of Assassin’s Creed, and It was Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood that would stand out against The Borgias, literally. The main antagonist of ACB is Cesare Borgia. But the game plays differently to the TV Series, focusing on one Assassin’s journey to liberate a 16th century Roma from the grip of The Borgias. It’s similar to the TV Series but told in a different way. I think this is for the people who had played Assassin’s Creed and want a little more on The Borgias, or just something to watch and go “yeah, killed him”

Boardwalk Empire and OmertaBoardwalk Empire & Omerta – City of Gangsters: Another Sky Atlantic Series (HBO in America) that started in 2010, it chronicles the life and times of Nucky Thompson, the undisputed ruler of Atlantic City, who was equal parts politician and gangster. Set against Prohibition America between the 1920’s and 1930’s, the series follows one man on what it takes to run a city both legally and illegally, Nucky is a powerful Politician in the City and is the man who’s also providing the city with all it’s illicit alcohol, or at least he would like to be the only man. The Series has watched Nucky face both political battles with him having to ‘help’ things go his way so that he stays in office. It also sees him face competition from other alcohol pushers looking to make Atlantic City their own Speakeasy. Omerta, which you can read a review of here is also set in Atlantic City where you play as an aspiring mobster looking to make his name in America. The turn based simulation game has you going against fellow gangs and law enforcement as you make your way to the big league of the Boardwalks elite gangsters. In Omerta you can be the Nucky Thompson (sort of) you want to be. Yes, it may be slightly different in how it starts but the principal stays the same. You have to learn how to run a City and face problems from all different manner of thing, the trials and tribulations of owning business’ in a time when liquor was illegal, when lots of people knew you were the one shifting the stuff, you have to face robberies and gangs trying to take whats yours.

These are just three examples of what I think are games to compliment the thing we watch on our televisions. If this is well received I would gladly do more, so let me know in the comments below what you thought. And even suggest some games that you think compliment TV series or Films.

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