World of Warcraft

World of WarcraftActivision recently released their earnings reports and it looks like the overall number of World of Warcraft subscribers are dropping. The drop is mainly from the East, but some from the West as well according to the report. Could this be due to the rise of free to play games?

World of Warcraft first began in 2004 and since then has become a staple MMORPG which is loved by millions. Though the game has suffered a loss of 1.3 million subscribers it’s not all bad news though, the subscriber count still sits firmly at around 8.3 million. Due to the decline Blizzard plans to step it up in order to win you back by putting out more content updates as well as offering a way for those who stopped playing to get back into the game more easily.

Have you stopped playing World of Warcraft recently? If so, why? Leave a comment below!

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