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Following on from the Xbox Reveal news has surfaced about the way games will be installed and tied to Xbox Live accounts.

The report is that Microsoft have confirmed that Xbox One games will have to install onto the system hard drive in order to work. Additionally, installing the same disc onto a another system will result in a fee. It said that the games will be tied to a games Xbox Live account which will allow Microsoft to see if a game is being passed around from one friend to another.

Because of the manner in which games install it seems fair that they would tie to your account, but it’s not good news that there’s a fee. There is no word on how much the fee is to install the game on their hard drive but once the fee has been paid the game is installed and unlike the current generation Xbox when the game is installed on the Xbox One it removes the need for the disc. Depending on the fee it does raise a concern for the pre-owned market will stores like Game and Gamestop have to subsidise the fee by lowering the pre-owned price of the game?

More details on the story as they surface.

[Source: CVG]

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