yumblrIt’s finally official! After a weekend of speculation, rumours, and reports from unknown but ‘reliable’ sources, Marissa Mayer finally confirmed in an event yesterday that Yahoo! has in fact acquired Tumblr. for $1.1 billion of which is mostly cash. In a post on her own Tumblr. page Mayer wrote “We promise not to screw it up,”. This is good news for Tumblr. who were on the verge of running out of cash, but some haven’t taken the news too well.

I’m no stranger to Tumblr, it’s a great site. What makes it great though is that it is what you make of it. But there’s something I’ve been frustrated about recently. It’s that most news sources have been focusing on the site’s collection of porn. It makes a perfectly innocent site seem seedy and unsafe for the user base it’s aimed at. But like I mentioned before, it’s what you make of it and the blogs you follow. My dashboard has little to no porn on it. I follow a lot of illustrators, artists, music blogs, a few gaming blogs, a fair few users who post a lot of memes, oh and The FrogMan.

From a day of browsing Tumblr I don’t actually come across any porn, unless I look for it – which is the same rule for the entire Internet. But why do big news sites feel the need to bring up the subject of porn on Tumblr. like it’s its only content?

tumblr_mn3j8sh0791srd41xo1_500Rant over, lets get back to the matter in hand. For those of you who are wondering what’ll happen to the porn on Tumblr – nothing. “I think the richness and breadth of content available on Tumblr- even though it may not be as brand safe as what’s on our site- is what’s really exciting and allows us to reach even more users,” said Mayer yesterday.

The Yahoo! CEO wrote on her Tumblr blog yesterday after the event “We will operate Tumblr independently. David Karp will remain CEO. The product roadmap, their team, their wit and irreverence will all remain the same as will their mission to empower creators to make their best work and get it in front of the audience they deserve.” she also wrote “We promise not to screw it up.” which I believe refers to Yahoo’s track record with sites like Flickr and GeoCities.

The post was also accompanied buy the traditional Tumblr favourite “Keep Calm and Carry On” gif.

The only downside is all of the ‘too cool for school’ kids how seem to be jumping ship in an attempt to ‘stick it to the man’ though I am pleased to see that they’re all heading towards WordPress because it’s a great site, but like with Facebook and Instagram, everyone had a hissy fit and deleted their accounts – for what? All in all I think it’s a great move for Tumblr. Facebook didn’t do any harm to Instagram, in fact it’s improved a hell of a lot since the acquisition  I can only hope that it’ll be the same for Tumblr.

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