New Dark Souls 2 details revealed!

The highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed hack and slash phenomenon Darks Souls has had even more details announced since it’s cinematic trailer and gameplay footage that was shown off on Monday at the start of E3.

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Dark Souls 2 will take all the great features and selling points that made the original Dark Souls such an anomaly and push those to the absolute maximum. These include an improved multiplayer system, a much deeper and darker customisation system with all new options, game play that will hit on all of the human senses (auditory hallucinations etc), a giant labyrinth of mind bending environments inhabited by a huge array of monsters and enemies that will both repulse and amaze players, and last but not least, a gaming experience that will push gamers to the absolute edge with developers promising a game that will in no way be a walk in the park.

Olivier Comte, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Distribution at NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe said “the game doesn’t accept compromise, and neither do the brilliant people at FromSoftware who will test their own tenacity as well as that of gamers in delivering us another gaming landmark.”

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