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400 Days” has shown up on Steam’s database as DLC for the Award-Winning video game, The Walking Dead. The title for the content has been entered in as ‘Walking Dead 400 Days DLC’. If you are wondering what the content is going to consist of, Telltale posted three short clips on Vine showing a bit of a teaser on the database. The unannounced add-on seemed to have popped up on the database last night, as reported by IGN, and in its appearance, it seems to feature a trio of new characters.

The clips that are shown feature “Day 2″ which show pieces of official documents and pictures, with one of the three photos being tagged as Vince. Another clip is titled “Day 184” which depicts that of a young man going by the name of Russel in a graduation photo, and at the end of the clip the number “40” shows briefly. One of the last clips titled “Day 200”, which seems to correlate with the previous installment of the game, shows a picture of a woman named Bonnie. Also according to IGN there is a couple of other short clips titled, “Day 220” and “Day 236”

In February, the series writer, Gary Whitta stated “there may very well be more Walking Dead from Telltale before Season 2” and that “fans won’t have to wait for Season 2 to play more Walking Dead”.

When it comes to the undead, the developers of the game seem to have a leg up on this smash hit. I believe The Walking Dead DLC will be walking right off the shelves as players will now embrace themselves in the new characters and take this game to a whole new level.

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