BatgirlBatgirl always lived in the shadow of Robin in terms of popularity, I hope to shine a Batlight on her and correct that.

In comic book history there has been a far few attempts to get Batgirl noticed. Her first appearance was when the 1960’s Batman TV show began to dive in the ratings; Batgirl was introduced to help try and improve them.

She has of course appeared in various films and TV adaptations over the years since then too.

She appeared in the 90’s Batman cartoon and eventually in the distant future becomes the commissioner of Gotham police. That being said; I wonder who she could be related to?

Barbara Gordon the daughter of Commissioner Gordon was inspired by the legacy of the Dark Knight. Batman inspired her own dual identity Batgirl. Batman was cautious at first but eventually folded her into the Bat-family.

She fell in love with Dick Grayson, the first Robin who went onto become Nightwing, their relationship has been off and on for a while.

Many years later, the Joker deduced her identity and her approached in her civilian identity and shoot her, paralysing her from the waste down however Barbara didn’t turn her back on the superhero world – she gave up her identity of Batigrl and became Oracle.

As Oracle she acted as the tech support for the Bat-family and in general the superhero world. On the side she set up her own superhero team, the Birds of Prey; this team consisted off female heavy roster and a small collection of small time heroes.

Of course there are other heroes who took over the mantle of Batgirl:

Cassie Cain: A mute ninja who taught to fight rather then talk or interact with the human world.

Stephanie Brown: Originally The Spoiler, a Robin, a comic character bought back to life. Though her stint was to not to everyone’s liking (as to her general existence it would seem).

Eventually the New 52 came along and things got shaken up.

Instead of Barbara being left paralysed her farther found a controversial treatment was returned her the ability to walk thus returning to her identity as Batgirl and takes a more hands on role in the Birds of Prey.

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