It’s not only the man that is super. So grab your capes and forget your outside pants it’s time to talk about Superboy.

Let’s begin at the start. In the early days of the Superman continuity Clark Kent begun his superhero alter ego as Superboy. As Superboy, Clark learnt how to master his powers and had adventures with the super hero team from the future The Legion of Superheroes. As continuity changed through various recons this was forgotten, but not in the eyes of the law.

So in the 90s, a time of huge change and huge sales grabbing attempts. Cue the story arc, the Death of Superman. In this story a monster called Doomsday ‘kills’ Superman.

Superman is buried in a public place, an organisation called Project Cadmus extract the Man of Steels DNA and mixes it with an unknown to create Superboy, a replacement for Superman. This hybrid is not as strong a full blooded Kryptonian and doesn’t have powers like x-ray but Superboy possesses a power called Tactile Telekinesis which acts an aura which enhance his strength and be used as force field.

Superboy proved to be very unlike Superman. He was vain and loved the limelight and was the centre of reality TV show. He moved Hawaii and continued his superhero career and constructed an civilian identity called Connor Kent, Superman even gave him his own Kryptonian name, Kon-El

Connor went on to join the youth super team, Young Justice which consisted of Robin, Impulse and Wondergirl among others. After a tragic accident the group disbanded but eventually reformed into the new form of the Teen Titans.

It was then eventually revealed his human donor was none other than Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor.

So you remember what I said about the law earlier ? Well according the estate of Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster argued that Connor Kent’s alter ego was a copyright breach. This led to Superboy getting briefly killed off by an insane alternate universe Superman. The court battle was dealt with and Superboy returned.

Then the New 52 happened.

Superboy was rebooted and became the genetic result of meta-human control group N.O.W.H.E.R.E. He has no clue who he is and this time his Kryptonian doesn’t come from Superman but a renegade clone from Krypton called Kon-El. His human donor hasn’t been revealed as he slowly learns how to adapt to the world around him.

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