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You’ve watched the movies, you know that no one can hear you scream in space. Sadly though, SEGA can’t hear you scream in frustration with Aliens Colonial Marines. I give games as much of a chance as possible, probably too much of a chance to impress me and it was no different with Aliens. Sadly though, the game just could not and did not deliver. At all.

Alien leapSEGA decided that the Alien franchise needed a first person shooter for our generation. Which isn’t a bad thing, I welcome the idea. But then I played it. And cried a little. The game is set after the third film and you play the role of Corporal Christopher Winter who as part of the Colonial Marines is sent to search and rescue a previous team that were investigating the U.S.S Sulaco in search of Ripley and her team.

The game features many different types of xenomorph’s as well as the little face hungers but enemies also come in the form of Mercenaries who have attacked the Sulaco whilst you are on board. The actual story of the game is great, but the execution falls on its face. Hard. The Aliens are able to climb walls and ceilings making their attacks frightening, which is exactly what they should be. In all honesty there was more than one occasion where I got a shock as an Alien leaped at my face. But just as easily as it is scary it also again fails. In certain areas the Aliens can get underneath the floor you stand on to surprise attack you, here you can see their tails come through the flooring in a sort of “this is where we are, and we’re heading this way” type thing, it was very embarrassing to watch the Alien then pop up and for me just to give it a belly full of lead.

The missions don’t really vary that much, you have to get from point A to point B and not die. And most of the time there is a point where you have to stand off against attacking Aliens. The best tip here it to bottle neck them towards you and use whatever ammo you have. It doesn’t take long to despatch them. There are time where Aliens will get the best of you and guess what the game does? You bet, it fails. Once killed the camera will go third person and you’ll see the Aliens standing over you, but that’s all they do they just stand over you in a default movement, they don’t move on and attack your team mates. I know something like this is tiny but it just again takes away from the game, saying that, the reload time is stupidly long too and it all just works against the game.

Again there are moments where I jumped when a face hugger came flying towards me but through bashing ‘X’ you can easily get rid of it from your face and then all you have to do is find it and kill it. The best fights in my opinion come from the Mercenaries they pop in and out of cover effectively making killing them a bit more difficult, but as with this game they aren’t perfect either. Apparently SEGA have never heard of a head shot.

Aliens AttackOverall the story mode of the game falls flat on it’s face, apart from the odd scare you get from an Alien of face hugger.

Next stop the Multiplayer side of the game! Sadly though this is apparently and express ‘train’ to the end of this review as no one seemed to be playing Aliens Colonial Marines Multiplayer. The game also features Co-Op in the story mode but no one I know has this game so that was a no go either.

So, what have we learned from reading this? Don’t buy Aliens Colonial Marines I think is the main stand out point that I’ve made. And like I said at the beginning I like to give games as much of a chance as possible. Just because I didn’t enjoy Aliens Colonial Marines doesn’t mean you won’t and if you want to give it a chance as well as other Xbox 360 games why not pick it up from Argos or why not even upgrade you Wii game collection here.

Although I didn’t enjoy this game I would still like to see what you think, if you’ve played Aliens Colonial Marines let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.

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Aaron Peck
Aaron Peck

curious as to why you reviewed this game 3 months after it’s release? other good games took up your time? lol, I wouldn’t blame you!

Aaron Richardson

Hey Aaron!
Crikey, 3 months since it was initially released? It doesn’t seem that long! The reason we’ve taken so long is because it’s one of many on our list that we’ve only just gotten around to buying for review! Games are expensive!