Oz 2

American McGee and his company Spicy Horse Games have recently launched a kickstarter for a brand new original title named, OZombie. No it’s not another terrible movie about zombie terrorists, but rather a game set in the land of Oz.

If you’re familiar with American McGee you’ll know he’s known for turning childhood stories into twisted horror stories. From the likes of Alice: Madness returns to Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, an ARPG with a sprinkle of Little Red Riding Hood.

Oz 1OZombie, is a narrative driven action adventure game, set in a alternate version of The Wizard of Oz. While the themes and characters draw from all of the Oz books, they are acquiring stylistic and artistic touches, which has been employed in the titles mentioned above.

The title will be built around single player, with a multiplayer feature available after the completetion of the single player game.

As you can see from the concept art, it looks like an absolutely crazy idea and a typical American McGee concept. If you’re interested you can head over to the Kickstarter page now and fund the game, whilst getting some lovely backer rewards!

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