Sonic the Hedgehog

To help celebrate the little blue hedgehog’s 23rd birthday SEGA have dropped the price of all of the Sonic the Hedgehog games on the Google Play and iTunes stores to $1 – that translates to £0.77 for us Brits. It’s for a limited time so what are you waiting for? Go and grab yourself an awesomely classic game for only $1/£0.77!

The five games that are currently below £1 are:

Sonic The Hedgehog | Google Play and iTunes

Sonic CD | Google Play and iTunes

Sonic 4: Episode I | Google Play and iTunes

Sonic 4: Episode II | Google Play and iTunes

Sonic Jump | Google Play and iTunes

Sonic 4: Episode II THD | Google Play

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing | iTunes

So for around £5 you can own the entire Sonic the Hedgehog saga! Quick, go get it!

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