Women in comic books

Alternate gender issues As I’m sure you know sexual equality and the inclusion of minorities are  important factors to consider in modern media. These days, comics are no different to cinema or even video games.

The big point of the New 52 storyline was for DC to promote online sales, but writers put it to good purpose to update the entire DC universe.

Tights were replaced with body armour and the time Superman had a mullet was forgotten.

Power Girl, (who is basically Supergirl from a parallel universe) pre-52 costume was a wearing leotard with a boob window.

Thankfully DC took this chance and got rid of this frankly redundant costume designed to impress 14 year old boys.

They got it half right – the unitard was out along with the boob window, but it was a now a full skin tight costume.

I say ‘now’ as this only lasted briefly.

During a crossover, the unitard made a return, just to match the hideously man-centric costume Supergirl is now wearing.

So insert the standard negatives points about this.

Now for interesting point I wanted to make, that isn’t made often enough – do you think men also got objectified in comics ?

No I’m not saying it’s on the same level of women but think about it, Superman and Batman are always drawn as 6 foot athletes sporting a fashionably ‘now’ hairstyle.

There are no fat superheroes, balding superheroes or many heroes with a disfigurement, facial or otherwise.

Then think about how supervillains have all these kinds of imperfections. Doctor Octopus was of a big guy. Lex Luthor is bald. Twoface is scarred to hell.

It’s been said Stan Lee wants to see more diversity and he has tried to contribute – take the example of The Things, the way Bruce Banner used to be drawn and how Cyclops had to wear a pair of glasses. But those are fairly insignificant examples in comparison.

I’ll admit there are a lot of gender issues that need to be dealt with inside of comics – but I just think we need to address all of them, not those affecting the fairer gender/

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