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AOL ReaderWe only have a week until we wave goodbye to Google Reader for good, it seems silly that it’s even possible to get attached to a reader but if you’re a creature of comfort like I am the thought of importing your subscriptions (yawn) and getting used to a new user interface is a little daunting.

I wouldn’t go as far as to start a petition to the White House, although someone else actually did and it was later deleted, which makes sense because you know, they’re all busy dealing with national security and you just want to lurk that person who seems to do waaaay more fun things in one day than you do in an entire year.

Anyway, now is the perfect time for anyone and everyone to come out of the internet woodwork to either say “hey, we’ve got a feed reader and we actually have had for some time now.. like a few years actually.. oh this is awkward” or “hey, so like we know you’re like super sad and stuff but look something shiny and new, come on.. you know you want to”.

aol reader interface

AOL are happy to fill that Google reader void with their new RSS reader. I haven’t had an AOL account since my mum would ask me to get off the internet so she could use the phone, so if you’ve got an account great, if not you can sign up to the beta using Facebook, Google or Twitter.

Is it anything ground breaking? No, but what else can a feed reader do other than, well, get everything together in one spot for you to read. AOL are offering a clean and simple design and  an easy way to import your feeds that takes only a few minutes depending on how many feeds are on your list.  You’re given the option to switch up how you view your feeds from a simple list view to an option that resembles Google readers default mode, it really depends on what you choose to read your feeds on and how you like to take in your chosen sea of information.

AOLs offering to the mix is one that I really like, it’s easy to use, nice to look at, and isn’t a whole world away from Google Reader.

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