Armored Core: Verdict Day

Finally, finally I get to write about Armored Core. As a note to everyone reading this prepare for some true full on fangasms here. N3rdabl3 would like to apologise to all non-Armored Core fans for this interuption in our standard programing and normal service will resume shortly.


Its the future, and like most dystopian futures the corporations and factions rule the world and nowhere is this more prevelant than in FromSoftware’s Mecha masterpiece series Armored Core. In following the pattern from Armored Core 4 and its subsequent mini sequel For Answer, Armored Core 5 is coming back for another bash at the mechanized statistician’s heaven with Armored Core: Verdict Day. The features are just…just a mech lovers dream.

_bmUploads_2013-02-21_1569_Battle_scene_01To get the technical stuff out of the way its single player will obviously feature one player and up to 10 players can be featured in online games. Its being published by Namco Bandai and is developed by FromSoftware and its coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 on the 27th of September 2013. Now for that tasty fun stuff.

You fight over the last resource rich part of a broken landscape called No Man’s Land. The bleak desperation is tangible here as even this place has little in the way of hope for survival with three seperate factions across seven continents ravaged by the horrors and explosions of war. Add into this totally new missions to this release and we are already looking at an iron buttload of mech exploding fun here. There’s still more too! AFter you choose one of these factions you can then fight for your chosen faction online. I hope that this will lead to a balanced environment with three choices and the option to switch factions if one is not up to the numbers of the other two factions to maintain a level playing field online but we will have to see. FromSoftware normally develop very tight online systems so we will soon find out.

Now for more on these huge machines of destruction. Every Armored Core game has come with a wealth of parts and weapons for you to tailor your mech to perfection. For example myself and four friends played AC:V to death upon its release and each one of us ended up with totally different feeling mechs with abilities at the other ends of each others spectrums after we went in determined to be a heavy mech team. 100 parts sounds like an ok amount yeah? 300 is plenty for us to play with too. But AC:VD (won’t be using that acronym for it, it sounds a little like an evolved strain of an STD) will bring 600 parts to the tables of us builders of these huge behemoths of the battlefield to customise each one to our own requirements. Add into this the fact that you can battle alone using customized AI allies against other players of similar skill levels and you can lead your own little team with only you in it to glory. Add to this adaptive AI to create your own unmanned Armored Core units and command them as an operator to turn the game into a pseudo RTS and this is shaping up to be a special gift to our previous gen consoles.

_bmUploads_2013-05-07_2498_ACVD (17)Who’s going to join the battlefield of No Man’s Land and take out enemies with a team of friends or a team of robot friends? This writer hopes that if one was to go online with a team of me and four friends, the possibility of fighting above another player who is controlling all of his bots using AI from a commander view points is so exciting that multiplayer until the next gen will be settled.

What do you think about all this? Am  I a raving mechanised lunatic or do you agree with me here on how exciting this sounds. Are you just waiting for a next gen Armored Core? Leave us your thoughts in the comment box below or send us a tweet @n3rdabl3. See you folks on the battlefields of No Man’s Land.

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