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Assassin’s Creed had a Q&A on Twitter earlier in the week (20th), giving fans an insight into what to expect from Edward Kenway and Crews adventure in Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag towards the end of this year. Below you’ll find a round up of some of the best and most interesting Answers:

Assassin's Creed IV: Black FlagOn length of main story: “The main story is 15-20 hours, but the goal is to have you get lost in the world, spending even more time in it!”

On game engine changes: “Yes, tons of changes to the game engine. We have many programmers working on updating the engine”

On who replaces Desmond: “You will, you replace Desmond, Playing in first person.”

Flintlock reload time: “Edward’s four flintlocks actually reload faster than Connor’s… It’s that way so you don’t have to wait around forever.”

Original stealth styling: “We’ve listened to our fans and brought back several element from #AC2 and #ACB, like new hire groups like drunken pirates… And we have new tools that will manipulate the crowd in fun ways”

On complete stealth: “You can stealth your way through 85% of the game, but there are forced battles, like boarding actions”

On sword takedowns: “Yes, when we’ve finished polishing the game, all of the sword takedowns will be unique (Hidden Blade too!)”

On the biggest change: “Most significant difference are the naval combat and exploration gameplay.”

On crouching in game: “It is foliage cover, but when you come out of the foliage you can remain crouched.”

On modern day character customisation: “No, there is no character customization in the present day, but you can have a bit of fun with your Animus workstation.”

On the size of the world: “Yes the world is bigger and there are tons of cohesive side activities and side missions… more than any previous AC.”

ACIVBF BoardingOn side mission availability: “Within the first 4 hours of the game, all of the side missions will be unlocked… And the entire Caribbean world will be open to you to explore after an hour.”

These are just some of the answers to various questions asked by some very eager fans of the franchise. There were also a lot of other answers that I haven’t included into the post, that didn’t seem as important as the list above. The Assassin’s Creed team also stated that they would be back in the not to distant future to answer another round of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag based questions.

Let me know what you think of the information above, is Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag sounding good to you? As always leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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