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Xbox One fans have been up in arms again over recent a recent Xbox Support tweet that stated; banned Xbox One accounts will lose the licences to their purchased games. It has since been confirmed that this in fact won’t be the case, but there’s no explanation how it’ll work.

In an interview by Reddit Games they asked Larry Hyrb or MajorNelson as you might know him, if the tweet which read “If your account is banned, you also forfeit the licenses to any games that have licenses tied to it as listed in the ToU.” was in fact correct in which he replied with “Absolutely not, you will always have access to the games you’ve purchased, absolutely not”.

Xbox Support has since rectified this tweet by stating that it was in regards to the Xbox 360 and not the Xbox One which was specified in the original tweet. Is a case of pure ignorance or a case of quick footed damage control?

Either way, banned accounts will still be able to use the games they’ve purchased. That’s good news for everyone but that leads me to ask the question: Assuming you’re banned for doing something illegal such as trying to play a pirated copy of a game, or something a little less serious like if you’re banned for being abusive via messages, chances are you’re not going to be allowed to access online features such as multiplayer, movie streaming, and messaging features like on the Xbox 360 when you’re suspended/banned which would then render your Xbox One as a single player-offline console which we all know can’t happen, this is because you’re required to have the internet at least once every 24 hours. So how exactly are you punished for doing something wrong?

I mean yes, the answer is pretty obvious, the 24 hour verification only happens once a day to verify your games and console are legitimate, you don’t require a live account in order for that to happen, and you can access all of your games from another gamertag something we know for definite too but it just seems a little… weak.

When I first heard about banned accounts losing their purchased games I actually thought it was a good idea. There’s probably a legitimate reason why you’ve been banned; whether it’s because you’ve been a complete tosser on an online game, hurling abuse at everyone and their mothers or whether it’s because you’ve tried to modify your console in order to play pirated games/cheat.

Because of that I think you deserve to lose the right to all of your games.

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