Castle of Illusion Forrest
Castle of Illusion: Forest

In the latest video from SEGA we get to see their progress on the remake of the classic 16bit SEGA classic; Castle of Illusion. Not only that we get to hear about how SEGA Australia have put a lot of effort into the title to bring something that’s not only nostalgic but current and a little bit different from the original.

With the original Castle of Illusion the team have found that they’ve got a lot to live up to. Everyone who was fortunate enough to play the game on their SEGA Megadrives probably spend hours trying to get past the toy level and probably have some fond memories of the game.

It’s exciting to see that the game designers are concious of the fact that the game can’t just be an all out re-make and for me that makes the difference, and I have hope that the game is going to be as awesome as I’m hoping it’ll be.

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