Forgotten_OneKonami has announced right now that its well received PS3 and Xbox 360 smash hit Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is fighting its way out of the recesses of the darkest crypts to PC. Breaking onto Steam on August the 27th and boxed August 30th.

The stunning epic 3D world will be brought to life, or should that be un-life, in full 1080p with 60fps and including a lump more content in the form of the add-ons: Reverie and Resurrection. It will also feature a new Storyline featuring classic characters with interesting tangential side stories to run through and enjoy.

Even more interestingly it will feature new weapons and skills including the Combat cross allowing you to swing across chasms, rappel quickly down cliffs and climb sheer walls to name but a few.Last_Titan

For those of us who like a good big boss fight there are new Titan battles in which you conquer behemoth enemies requiring skill, dedication, cunning speed and bravery as their immense size towers over you trying to stamp Gabriel Belmont out of existence.

With all these amazing features and the franchise staples of amazing boss fights painted over a canvas a broken destitute world framed by the incredible architecture of monolithic Cathedrals and fear inducing dungeons, the pc release of this could bring the best version of an already amazing game to PC.


What do you think? Have you already played the standard edition on PS3 and 360 and can’t be bothered to go into it again. Or are you a new comer to the franchise excited by this new prospect? Or do you fall into my group, the Castlevania long term fans who upon hearing this news began running around the room squawking and repeatedly clutching excitedly at my tinkle. Leave us your thoughts views or comments in the little white box below or over on twitter @n3rdab3.

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