Dead Rising 3 was unveiled by Capcom during Microsoft’s E3 press conference and everyone around the world went from going “oh look, zombies” to “Holy hell I need this in my life”. Or was that just me? Either way here is n3rdable3’s quick lowdown on what is coming in Dead Rising 3 from what was taken from the gameplay showing during the conference.

As a primer this game took my breath away upon seeing it. Everyone likes beating up thousands of zombies and cutting the to bits or shooting them. Now it seems we get to do this in a huge dense environment filled with zombiefied people. I just hope we don’t have to carry them to the stupid safehouse again through zombies like Dead Rising 1. That sucked.

  • Zombies
  • Zombies
  • Nick Ramos will be the main character in the title who is a car mechanic stuck in this disaster
  • Taking place in Los Predidos, a fictional town in California
  • A vast open city with all manner of places to explore
  • Anything can be used as a weapon and weapons can be crafted on the fly
  • The city will be dense, not just a framework
  • Lots of zombies
  • Punching gunshots and ambient sounds are incredibly done and fit this broken city
  • You can throw flares to distract zombies if you get overwhelmed
  • There will be other options than just throwing flares when you are surronded
  • Zombies are drawn to sound, a la Walking Dead
  • You can drive to explore and to run over zombies
  • There is a safe house in the middle of Los Predidoes which is Nick’s main target
  • The crowds of zombies move and react in a believable manner
  • There are some minor texture pop in issues but they should be ironed out by release
  • SmartGlass
  • <generic SmartGlass complaint>
  • Can use SmartGlass to call in artillery
  • SmartGlass is the new Xploder cheat box?

And! Its an Xbox One exclusive. This does look pretty damn sweet. Zombies are a little overdone but with the backdrop of this world Dead Rising 3 could be the stand out surprise

Was there anything I missed? Are you excited about Dead Rising 3? Leave your thoughts and other neurological sparks in the comments box below or fling them at us on twitter @n3rdabl3. Now then…when are EA starting again? I need me some Battlefield 4 dubstep!

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