tumblr_inline_mojjsmmiyB1qz4rgpIn just under two weeks Google Reader will be no more and Digg have been busy working away through Google’s trash in order to launch their own version of the feed reader. Earlier this week they finally announced that the public beta of Digg Reader will launch next week on June 26th.

It’s taken the team behind the Digg reader around 90 days to get to a point where they’re happy to unleash their feed reader to the public. When the product launches next week we can expect a fairly basic but stylish and functional reader. Along with the announcement Digg also released some screenshots of the web version and a version of the reader on iOS.

At launch we can probably expect a fully functional web and iOS app. The web version is currently missing any of the social media integration for now – This is something that Digg hinted at earlier in the year, which was to become something more than just an RSS aggregator and integrate social feeds, sites like Reddit, and other things users view on a regular basis.

tumblr_inline_mojjsxRu0M1qz4rgpAccording to the announcement, around two months after launch the team expect to focus on:

  • An Android app.
  • Speed.
  • Integration with additional third party services (like Buffer, Evernote, and IFTTT).
  • Better tools to sort, filter and rank your reading lists and feeds, based on your networks, interests, likes, and so on.
  • Collecting and responding to user feedback.

The ultimate goal is to make Digg Reader a freemium product. Most of the initial beta functionality will remain free. Details are pretty thin right now on what exactly they’ll introduce for premium members, but for now everything you’ll be getting will be, and will remain to be free.

Stay tuned next week for when Digg Reader finally gets released!

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