Massive Chalice art

Massive Chalice artLast month, Double Fine announced it’s new Kickstarter for Massive Chalice a tactical combat game spanning multiple generations. Just under a week into the campaign, backers had put enough money into the title to surpass it’s $725,000 goal. The Kickstarter is now over, with a final pledge total of $1,229,015, making leaps and bounds over it’s original goal.

Although not as successful as the recent Broken Age, a game which broke Kickstarter records and finished with over $3.3 millions pledged by backers. Double fine has been subject to some criticism, launching another Kickstarter before Broken Age even being delivered to backers. Despite this, Double Fine easily reached over their goal. Not only do we have to look forward to Broken Age, but now we have two Double Fine titles on the way.

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