Dying-Light-logoTechland have been very prolific since they arrived on the development scene in 1991. They shuffled onto the amazing trailer…trail… when they announced and showed the now legendary Dead Island zombified family trailer and today Techland and publisher Warner Bros have waved their trailer making chops around again with the first trailer for Techland’s latest zombie survival game Dying Light.

In the latest trailer we get an idea of what you’ll be doing in the game, parkouring around a multi level city infested with zombies racing towards supply drops.  Of course we don’t know yet where these drops are coming from or what has happened or anything like that but from the look of the trailer survival fans like myself will be chomping at the bit to give this a try. Its a first person action survival horror game in a huge and dangerous open world. My hope personally is that the game will either avoid going the brawler route of Dead Island or further refine the combat.

Also including a crafting system; which if an improvement on the system used in Dead Island will bring this game even more sprinkles of awesome sounding hype, could we be losing our lives rummaging through a super market looking to make super powered can openers to open zombie heads like I’ve always dreamed of?! Ok just me? Ok

To finish of the details revealed today there is the system where in the night time you will become the hunted and must run to stay alive. If implemented well, this could be fantastic, and with the minds at Techland combined with WB something awesome may be on the cards.

Dying Light will be coming to -deep breath- PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC in 2014. Can you survive until morning’s light?

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This sounds intresting…but with it being techland i’m not gonna get my hopes up, was sooo outraged with Dead Island.