Battlefield 4. We all saw it coming. But we did not expect this.

[9:54:58 PM] James Hoare: holy fucking crap!
[9:55:07 PM] Sam Coles: jesus christ
[9:55:13 PM] Aaron Richardson: Fuck me

That was the reaction on our Skype colleague chat when Battlefield came wandering in. Boy E3 knocked it out of the park this year! Sorry there may be some sports puns the Ignite engine stuff has gotten jammed in my head. If you don’t like sports when I made a sports pun just imagine I’m making a joke about testes or something ok? Good lets get to work.

Levelution: 100% guaranteed to not be something to do with tax or Joseph Gordon Levitt”

The presentation starts with this word Levelution and it doesn’t make a shred of sense. In essence it is EA allowing you to influence the battle field from Air Land or Sea. So initially its not sounding much different to Battlefield 3 but there’s so much juicy stuff here. The Commander mode is a feature that was sorely missed from Battlefield 3. For those who don’t know what it is Commander mode is a mode in which you take control of an overseer of sorts for the battlefield as if you are flying close buy in an AC130 directing the flow of battle to favour your team. This can range from dropping in supplies where they are needed, directing the whole of your team to one point on the map or having a direct influence with missile strikes and other such long range jollies.

Our first every good glimpse of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer was an epic match 8 groups of 8 (thats 64 people) with people being flown in gracefully by helicopter and pulling away from the drop zone in tanks while helicopters fly overhead. All this is taking place in Shanghai. A full recreation of part of the city which looks so beautiful my jeans got a little tighter at the glance. Huge multi layered buildings are spread across the environment with the capture point on top of one. How to get there? Elevator! Elevators are confirmed in Battlefield 4 and you can use them to get places.

Meanwhile beneath the city foundations can be crumbled to bring down roads. Not just roads there for the sake of it. Roads that are used in the games. A tank is actually brought down into the underground and begins to fire upon the soldiers beneath. Frostbite 3 is really being used in Battlefield 4 and used to good measure. The dynamic lighting effects are beautiful as they dance around the darkened tunnels from flashes of gunfire which light the darkness like starlight glistening across a thunderous sky.

We are then drawn to a building being hit by a legion of tanks, theres word of the building falling. Of course no-0ne believes this. Games always do this to scare you and make it more tense but it never happens…..well…

[9:55:19 PM] Robin White: That building going down was fucking beautiful.
[9:55:22 PM] Leeson: im stunned by how awesome that was
[9:55:31 PM] Aaron Richardson: Wubwub

Besides the wubwub yeah, the building is actually falling. The ground sways and shifts and the floor starts to fall to one side. Its really happening. The building is coming down, as the soldiers dive off the building from various floors they parachute (+1 for videogames) safely to the floor. And then we see it. The building falls apart believeably and falls into the bay below. It is simply staggering and oddly remaniscent of recent tragic events. It is truly a sight to behold and I implore you to go find a video for it if you can.

A final mention here goes to the inclusion of female soldiers. People haven’t been exactly clamouring for this but its inclusion is a very nice change and a first for the mass market first person player vs player FPS games industry. An amazing venture and an incredible game. Battlefield 4. So far besides Titanfall my new favourite game of E3 this year. Well done EA, well done

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