Here’s a quick blast of news from the Sony Conference. Beyond: Two Souls has thrown a whole new gameplay segment at us to smack us square in the face.

We knew that the main heroine, Jodie Holmes was trained in military combat but we never saw any of this but Quantic Dream showed us something new here.

We see the character, voiced by Ellen Paige, in a training camp with Willam Dafoe and shows no sign of the powers and abilities that Beyond will be featuring. These powers come from her psychic link to an invisible ally that we will hopefully see more of cover the coming days. Instead here we see she’s got the training to beat men to a pulp and beat them good. Whether the footage will be gameplay or a quicktime event or even just FMV footage its all interesting and got me so excited I just had to come here and tell everyone. Quantic Dream also showed combat set in Somalia where a warlord is being hunted. After a series of fight scenes and one vehicle chase we see Jodie injured. I can’t say much more because thats all we were shown.

Oh and one more piece of news! Its out October 8th on PS3


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