Back in 2001 Bungie gave us Halo bringing us Microsoft’s legendary first class FPS that took the world by storm and changed the First Person Shooter genre forever. Before that Bungie released Marathon, the Mac’s answer to Doom which was also in its own respect legendary on the Mac. Can their third big First Person shooter knock our socks off? Well from the impressions from the first bit of information the answer is simply hell yes!

It hasn’t been a secretive game. Bungie have been very open about what the game will be about even before E3 discussing the fact that their game will feature three different races and the fact you work in the solar system but have always been keeping the gameplay details quiet until now. Proudly now we here at n3rdabl3 can give you the lowdown on gameplay details!

Destiny1Lets start with the basics. Its a first person action shooter game with a seamless multiplayer system. What this means in layman’s terms is instead of having to sit in a matchmaking queue or having to log into a server every time you log it the game will automatically do that in the background for you and then pull you together with people at certain points in the gameplay. During the gameplay we were shown two sequences detailing this. The first was a friend joining another friend to go into some gameplay through an incredibly large wall. This wall isn’t just a wall that exists between two canyons that you have to go through. Should you want to go wandering all the way along the wall you can. Should you see something miles in the distance you can. However for this demo they focused on one path to give everyone a more in depth idea of what is being done.

Upon entering the wall some of the combat is shown, and it is pure unbridled Halo. The burst fire of the rifle, the targeting reticle and the dark sci fi look fit together remarkably well with dynamic lighting bouncing over this darkened environment and a mini kind of boss fight is shown. In every demo shown the co-op player is killed by this massive foe and after the surviving player kills them there is a quick revive mechanic shown. Nothing special sadly just a resurrection. Pillaging a dead foe brings the player an amazing weapon which has all sorts of stats and little tweaks just like you’d expect from something like Borderlands but with an upgrading system. The brief showing of this shows that you can use materials that drop and talent points to upgrade each weapon down a sort of talent tree to give it what you need.

E3-2013-BF4-Destiny_3Finally the second part of this demo brings in the matchmaking that we mentioned before. Seamlessly a huge ship blasts over the area and then masses of Fallen appear. These four armed creatures are seen wielding swords and guns and bound over obstacles with ease towards the player as something bigger shows up. A spider tank. This huge mechanical beast’s arrival is paired with the arrival of two more players. These are just from somewhere and are brought in from the in game matchmaking system totally seamlessly. They appear on hovering vehicles (Destiny mounts confirmed) and combat begins.   Jet packs blaze overhead and the tank starts to fall apart. One of the standout features shown here is when the leg is shot its armour shielding falls off to the floor in a believable manner not simply exploding into the aether as we have seen in this. There has been word from commentary that each player will get individual loot but whether or not this has actually been confirmed is not clear.

Before we close here the enemy AI shows glimmers of being incredibly believable. During the final fight with the tank the fallen are seen to be decimated by this group and then the final one is seen to flee. Self preservation makes the AI incredibly more intelligent and if this is actually the case and not just people mistaking it repositioning then Destiny is going to, again like Halo before it, be a lesson in AI for the next generation.

destiny-e3-24For the important details the game is being released for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in early 2014. There have been rumblings of a PC release but whether or not this will happen is another matter completely.

So what do you think. Is Destiny going to be like the second coming of Halo? Or will it be eclipsed by Titanfall and other such incredible games coming in the next 12 months. Leave us your thoughts in the comments below and any other details you’ve spotted during this week’s E3.

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