earth defense forceEarth Defense Force 2017 was one of the many games my wife bought for me on a whim. I had never heard of the game before so I didn’t know what to expect; the last think I expected however was an RPG-style game that featured a small skinny futuristic man with ridiculous weapons shooting at giant Ants, Spiders, and Mechs. I loved it, it was probably the most far fetched, fast paced, and fun games I’ve played for a long long time.

Since then I’ve been waiting for the day that Earth Defense Force 2025 would be coming to the West. It already had a Japanese launch date but there were no words on it’s venture to the west, until now! Namco Bandai announced today that Earth Defence Force 2025 is scheduled for release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in February 2014.

Earth Defense Force 2025 features four classes; Rangers, Fencers, Air Raiders, and Wing Divers all equipped with state-of-the-art abilities and weapons including incredible assault rifles, rocket launchers, energy weapons, sniper rifles, and grenade launchers to repel the bug infestation from all enemy fronts.

I cant wait to completely shoot the living shit out of the gigantic ants in the most over the top fashion!

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