_bmUploads_2013-05-23_3242_Second-Son_screenshot_Delsin-monorailInfamous: Second Son had a second coming during the Sony E3 conference. We got to hear a little more about the storyline of this game, at least in the early aspects. You play as a 20 something….hipster lets be honest with fiery hands. He keeps getting in trouble and his brother has to keep arresting him so at least the early portions of the game appear to take place as you try to fight from where you are living into a place where you might be more free. Or to get help or something. Yeah no details yet folks sorry!

Ok there are a few. You see things flying around like the huge security posts that will more likely than not hold some sort of loot or bonus to your character when playing the game. Think the outposts of Farcry 3. You with me still? Its a good idea and they do look incredibly open so could be open to replay and finding out how to find enw ways to dive into these outposts depending on your skills.

Bioterrorists everywhere? Well thats what they said in the trailer. It sounds like this means that when you get into other areas you will meet others with powers who you can fight to maybe absorb their powers or steal something of theirs for yourself. Whichever way it goes the idea of more people means you’ll either fight with others or fight against others and both prove to be incredibly exciting concepts to an Infamous fan like myself

We all loved the fact you could fly around on the electrical cables and zipping around on lightning. Now here with the fire and explosions could we see more explosive movement? Flying on the shockwaves from attacks and perhaps across any hot areas? All speculation of course but we will see. It also lookjs like it could be set in Seattle. But let us see what happens shall we.

Infamous Second Son is coming exclusively to the PS4 in Quarter one of 2014.

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