MGS Horses

mgs3So E3 bursts to life! And it bursts in with one of the most highly recognized beloved game series ever. Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain brings it into the world. The opening trailer shows an incredibly well defined world set within what looks like Soviet Afghanistan but could go anywhere.

This has already brought news and controversy with the change from David Hayter to Keifer Sutherland and honestly in this journalist’s opinion its a good choice. Hayter is well loved but Sutherland is a good fit for the game.

Snake is seen driving in a 4×4 and riding a horse through this simply incredible areas. It claims to redefine tactical espionage and yes, he still smokes! My god do the cigars look amazing. Combining a realistic passage of time with stronger stealth mechanics. Could this lead to you hiding in the day and waiting to enter posts at night? With an incredible display of dynamic lighting this could make stealth gaming make a leap into the stratosphere.

MGS HorsesAs always a host of characters will feature including a rather pleasant looking Sniper Quiet, a youth named Eli and the old friend of ocelot. Of course this also features our dear friend form the first trailer imaginatively called, Skull Face. Let the Skeletor memes commence.

Child armies are also shown and bring an idea to this journalists brain. Will be seeing a brief glimpse of Raiden somewhere? Either way it looks incredible as hell, just check out the sandstorms.

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