need_for_speed_rivals_logoCheck out this awesome new trailer straight from EA’s E3 press conference. All of the footage is from the in-game engine and looks pretty spectacular!

During the E3 press conference EA demonstrated a new unique type of gameplay where the player begins playing in single player mode, and ends winning a multiplayer match. It shows two players competing against each other; one is a hard core street racer, another is a high speed pursuit cop, there’s also a third player helping out the cop using his tablet with SmartGlass to guide is friend via a chopper.

From the SmartGlass app the player was able to see a top-down view of the race in-progress, dropping traps and directing a police helicopter to intercept. This just shows how many different players can get involved on various different platforms.

Oh, and during the Need for Speed demo, Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad came on stage to announce that there’s a Need for Speed movie currently in production!

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