The-Wonderful-101-ScreenshotPlatinum Games showed their latest bevy of information for the Wonderful 101 during Tuesdays E3 Nintendo Direct and now its our turn to tell you the new things about it.

The Wonderful 101 is an action game which takes elements from games like Pikmin and other games where you control a crowd of NPCs against singular enemies or puzzles to achieve goals.

Where Wonderful 101 differs however in that you use your collected comrades to create weapons centred around the main character to take on these enemies. With a stroke of genius this can be done with the WiiU gamepad allowing you to unite more heroes together easily and bring the morph into a whole other level of destructive power! It will also feature normal button controls so you can save using the touch screen to create patterns of attack only when the challenge is too great for normal play but either way this is a pretty cool feature and plants you even deeper into a state of control over your heroes.

So this is what it must be like to lead a superhero team. Covering your screen in finger prints while looking down.

Using the ingame store, coined as Wondermart you can purchase skills at the wonderfulmart using collected parts from defeating foes to improve your gameplay. You can aquire more powers with stuff like where you can throw things abck at enemies and attack frount around the sides in a sort of pincer style movement. These powers and items will be available through basic ingame currency, so points, and defeating the larger foes in the areas of play

Five player multiplayer was also shouted about but all they said was you will control your own band of heroes in combat against one another. No word on if you bring your single player heroes and no word on if its co-op or online play

Launching August 23rd 2013 the Wonderful 101, as well as Super Smash Bros. and The Wind Waker HD may nudge me to keeping hold of my WiiU and not trading it in for further money towards my PS4 preorder. What do you guys think of the Wonderful 101? Were you also plagued by lag and other issues when trying to watch Nintendo Direct? Tell us your thoughts and anything else in the comments below or fling them from your little part of the multiverse on twitter @n3rdabl3

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