project_spark_xbox_one_e3_2-13-2-100041175-largeYeah, you read right, Project Spark is a game creation game. Featured during Microsoft’s E3 press conference Project Spark showed a few examples how the player can create the game, and play the game using both the Xbox One and SmartGlass.

Imagine a huge digital canvas where you can create anything that you imagine. From huge desert plains, large snowy mountain ranges or deep dense forests. You actually select all of this with the Kinects voice commands. Live on stage presenter Dave McCarthy said “Spark, show me rivers.” and the level generated a large river. Other commands were issued to Project Spark such as “now add mountains,” then “show the arctic, and now woodlands,” and the level changed in real time right before our eyes.

This is when SmartGlass came into play.

McCarthy then took his Microsoft Surface, loaded up SmartGlass and started fine tuning the area he just created adding dirt roads, villages, miscellaneous objects, goblin villages and enemy NPC’s. They also demonstrated some of the combat, but first let me talk to you about brains.

No no no, there’s no zombies – unless you add them in of course; Project Spark has a unique “brain” feature which allows you to give practically anything a “brain”. In more simple terms it allows you to issue interactive commands to anything. McCarthy demonstrated giving some brain commands to a rock allowing it to come alive as the little players pet.

project_spark_box_one_e3_2013-100041174-largeNow for combat. McCarthy quickly loaded up the rocks brain and added a Spider brain. This made the rock launch into an attack on the goblins that were invading the village that you’d just spawned. Eventually what was once a small inanimate rock that you wouldn’t have looked twice at, soon became an enormous rock mech which allowed the players character to jump inside and control, completely obliterating the enemy NPC’s.

If you add a friend into your game, you can control the map in real time, as your friend uses their little character to run around bashing the heads of the enemies. Project Spark looks truly amazing.

Project Spark isn’t just limited to creating games where you can battle monsters, the possibilities are endless, you can create a series of puzzle games, racing games, anything that you can imagine.

This is definitely something I’m looking forward to and it might even sway me towards purchasing an Xbox One on launch. In the mean time, check out the trailer above.

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