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Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 7.39.27 PMHere’s the PS4, looks beautiful doesn’t it. Just, just gaze upon it. Its like looking at the reveal of the Mona Lisa isn’t it. Ok I might be going a bit far here but she is a pretty console. Ok ok from that angle its an Xbox One

[From the Author: Thanks to Brian for the shots!]

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 7.39.19 PMYeeeah look at it now. Taking a trapezoid shape this is quite an unprecidented decision, especially with the addition of the splits in the console  it looks. Well it looks like a PS2 lets be brutally frank here. However its a sexy little devil. More detailed pictures will be appearing on the site but wth the look of it so far I am impressed. It doesn’t look at stupendously huge as the Xbox One and will fit better in a modern living room or bed room.  The slight slant changes it from being a simple four sided box and into an artistic design that you know they spent years decided upon to make sure the slant was just enough and that the split was just the right size. Now the, what are you going to be holding in your hand

controller004The pad looks a little like two bananas stuck together with a lump in the middle but on the whole its a good looking pad which doesn’t stray from the PS3 controllers design while adding slightly longer hand holds. As a player withlarger hands this is a good idea for me, but if you have smaller hands this fellow could be pretty hard to hold. And there’s a light in the upper part of the pad which changes its colour to denote some use with the Playstation Eye system and to denote who is who, instead of those 4 little fiddly LEDs on the top. Could it also change colour depending on whats happening in game? The share button. This is maybe a controversial one but in the current gaming age where we record Let’s Play videos whenever we play on PC or with our handy DVRs this is a natural evolution. Could the external DVR be dead too?

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