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Ok guys here it is! We’ve all been waiting for it! The PS4 pricing has been revealed and here it is.

USA         $399

Europe    €399

UK           £ 349

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 7.39.19 PM

Well that was certainly surprising. Going lower than the Xbox One was definately a bold move for Sony. Pricing themselves below Microsoft will help them to enter much more easily into the market and will help them build a larger player base particularly in these uncertain economic times

No restrictions at all on used games as well, thats going to keep the software prices down too! Not only of games but it will help them be in better stead with retailers. And requires no online connection. Its just, oh its so so nice to hear!

What do you think of the choice of  Sony to  undercut Microsoft so deep . Will it change what happens? Will it change people from Xbox One come to Ps4?

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