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Remedy are at it again with their story driven action game antics with Quantum Break. First show at the Microsoft Xbox One accouncement and then again during their E3 media conference Quantum break aims to blue the line between a television experience and gameplay. Remedy hope here to create one totally seamless and immersive experience drawing on their previous success with Max Payne and Alan Wake.

Using a weave between cinematic viewing and intense gameplay Remedy Entertainment are hoping to blow all our minds here. The story is still a little blurry but the trailer is totally painfully incredibly bite the back of your handingly beautiful. Its pre-rendered CGI fair enough but if even something like this is put into the gameplay then holy hell I can tell you this writer is psyched!

ku-xlarge2The game revolves around a hero who is fighting to save the future before time runs out and falls apart. Little soft time changes turn small changes into incredible cataclysmic events and each one will change how your percieve the world and what happens. The game even gives you a personalized ‘directors’ cut. What more do you want here! As a huge fan of Remedy like many are Quantum Break is gearing up to be nothing short of a spectacle if nothing else.

Do you think its going to go the way of Heavy Rain and be a mass of quick time events and finger slitting? Do you think Remedy will do what they do best and combine intense well balanced gameplay with a compelling story that drags you in and grabs you tightly by the kidneys to jam you into its world. Tell us what you think down there in that little box that says comments. Go on, you know you want to! Or tweet us your thoughts @n3rdabl3

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