supermario3dworldThis looks to be the new 3D Mario game that they were talking about, I thought it was going to be something similar to Galaxy or Super Mario 64, but it’s not. It looks like they have borrowed the same camera angle from one of the best 3DS games (in my opinion) Super Mario 3D land which is a good thing.

The word “world” in the title would suggest that the game is huge compared to the likes of 3D land, and again this game looks stunning, like Mario Kart 8 with the up to date HD visuals.

In Super Mario 3D World you don’t just have to just play as Mario you can play as Peach, Toad, and Luigi, also you can play with up to four of your friends in a multiplayer co-operative mode (that is bad ass).

Super Mario 3D World also features a brand new costume where the possessor gains cat like abilities, and a tail too! This gives the player the change to climb walls and flagpoles, pounce, and scratch enemies just like a real cat! If you haven’t watched the trailer give a watch above.

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