Zelda 3ds

The sequel to the link to the past finally has an official title; which is good because a link to the past 2 would of been a bit too generic.

Like the original game from 1992 it has the old school top down view which is gives me a nice fuzzy warm feeling of nostalgia. It has same view, but it has new lick of paint with slick and good looking graphics with a good sense of depth because they want to utilise the 3D technology with this game.

They announced this game on Nintendo Direct a couple of months ago, but it did not have an official name and it was the first time that they have returned to the same world from a previous game. There have been no specific release date announced, but we’re expecting it sometime at the end of 2013.

Can you wait to return to Hyrule from a link to the past? Or do you think that they are running out of ideas? let me know in the comments below.

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