The orange ring is watching. This orange ring is bringing you skills and a UI. This UI will guide you through Ubisoft’s latest blaze into its work with Tom Clancy. Get ready to join, The Division.

Developed by Massive entertainment this is an immense looking game. The Division takes place in a fully build pandemic ridden New York. Unlike the similar recent attempt of Defiance which was based in the bay area but had nothing to do with the bay area of San Francisco in it, The Division takes this to a new level with what looks right now like a fully built faithful New York which has been cordoned off.  Quarantined due to some unnamed form of virus or bacterial pandemic it looks broken and deserted while maintaining the inviting air that draws you in to search for loot ammo or mini quests.


Society is on the bring of collapse. Anytime, Anywhere

The game draws very heavily on the current obsession in gaming with the theme of survival with games such as DayZ and State of Decay perhaps not being influences but all ringing true with this title. This is now however just a 3rd person shooter. First and most importantly it is an RPG which can be played alone or with others. When playing alone though you are still in this huge open world kind of like Defiance but you can be joined up with others probably via the other new obsession of the video games industry. Seamless multiplayer collaboration. This might be using your friends list or using your geographical location that’s not clear as of yet but if we see it, then this game is where its going to be. Oh and in Destiny. And in Titanfall. And i….got it? Good

A holographic Map spawns form the glove on your wrist which seems to be the basic hub for most of the UI to float around. Its job is simple showing you areas and the locations of compatriots – and of hostile activity which is undoubtedly what this game will revolve around RPG or not. I can’t see myself playing this one as a pacifist who only collects water to level up. Tom Clancy’s influence be it direct or indirect is plain for the world to see with systems borrowed from the Ghost Recon series. Floating UI segments and hovering images are abound here and fill your screen when you want them to. The names of streets are written across buildings by your ringy glove th…wig…thingymagig. Even your skill level up is operated from the wrist.

The Division’s sound design also stuck out. Whistling wind down the streets permeated by weak coughs and distant gunfire filled the senses. One more E3 must have now is tablet intergration and here on The Division tablet users can hover over the battle and provide aerial support through a combination of target marking and area scanning. Other features may also be implemented but for now these look like they will basically be spotters. Hopefully more features do come in because that would bring The Division to even greater heights than it has already achieved

The Division is coming to PS4 and Xbox One and one would guess tablets in some way. There is no word on it being released on PC as of yet which is strange for an MMO. What do you think? Did Ubisoft just win E3 with a combination of The Division and The Crew? Or will Sony blow them away? Did Microsoft and EA do it for you already? Tweet us your thoughts @n3rdabl3 or throw them in that little white box below

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