Ok there isn’t much information around here yet but here’s the lowdown of what we know so far about Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

This is a brand new MMO coming from Behaviour interactive, who previously made the medicore Wet and the appauling Naughty Bear and have had numerous name changes but they are coming to the 40k universe with an MMO. Its reported to be coming to PC, XBox One and PS4 in late 2015. It will be set in a huge gameworld in a 3rd person behind the shoulder system using a combination of over the shoulder gameplay, precision firing and brutal melee combat. Think Relics surprisingly good Space Marine but with more than just Marines to play.

In this persistent online battle field you fight to control a planet with the fate of it totally in the hands of players. You will play as either a Space Marine, a Chaos Marine, an Ork or an Eldar warrior.

It will reportedly feature massive conflicts with thousands of players at a time fighting over territories and resources and you will be using vehicles  from the universe to destroy your foes. Reported to also feature a deep progression system and procedurally generated content so you never have the same gameplay twice and a social system which will let you battle alongside enemies. However is it going to be cross race or on one race only?

Sorry this is so short but this is literally all we know. Apparently this has over 300 staff members behind it but coming from a studio with such a poor quality of games so far will it actually be up to scratch? What do you think? Tell us down below, for the emperor!

Also, there’s a site that has appeared www.bhvr.com/eternalcrusade/

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