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Xbox One coverOkay so as of writing the Microsoft conference just ended. Showed some amazing games and didn’t focus on TV watching but it brought out something else information wise. The one that everyone wanted to know. The price.

It’s going to be released in November, It’s $499 dollars if you’re american. Europe gets it for 499 Euros. But in the UK its going to cost £429. Now all this sounds okay. I mean just under 500 of your countries currency is what we all honestly expected but….lets look at the exchange rates and let the rage begin. 499 Euro’s equates to $660 American. Now that’s a hike of $161 dollars just for being European. Also in the UK its even worse, £429 is equal to $667 . So if you’re a UK resident you’re going to be paying $168 over the amount the Americans pay.

This is to me just one of the worse things about the modern console markets. We buy something from a retailer in the UK and it costs around 30% more than in America. I speak for my own brain when I say what in the hell! With this pricing there comes even more worrying news and thoughts. In the UK and in Europe there are not overarching cable providers so all of the stuff Microsoft spoke about in their original announcement with the TV channel intergration is unlikely that these territories will even get anything close or similar to what the American market are actually paying less for.

Paying more for less, what do you think? I was really enjoying the conference up to that point and even after with the amazing Titanfall (more news coming soon to n3rdabl3 on that), but with such a high price my enjoyment went from being schoolboyish to worrying. Will Sony take the same route? Will they follow this road with a higher priced console or will they repeat their success with the PS2 by selling a cheaper console in Europe and Asia and taking the entire market by storm through a lower price point. This is all early views and has been written before the Sony conference. I’ll be writing about that one after its all done but for now. I’m still edging more towards Sony.

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