embrace_header_option2EMBRACE+ at a glance wouldn’t look out of place in the mid 90’s on the wrist of a neon string vest wearing raver. That being said compared to other pieces of wearable technology that interact with your smartphone such as the Pebble, the Embrace+ is fairly minimal and non intrusive. What’s impressed me the most about Embrace+ is that it managed to raise almost double it’s initial pledge goal in around five days.

EMBRACE+ is the brain child of Paul and Rudi. It’s an innovative bracelet that keeps you informed while your smartphone stays in your pocket or purse. They re-focused, re-designed, and re-launched their Kickstarter project and achieved the funding goal within several days. “re-focused, re-designed, and re-launched”?? I hear you cry. Yes that’s right.

Embrace_20Initially Paul and Rudi launched their first Kickstarter for EMBRACE+ with several different sizes and designs which meant that they needed a higher target in order to manufacture and supply the bracelets to people to backed the project. Unfortunately it didn’t reach the target so it was back to the drawing board.

Both of the guys learned a lot from their first attempt and have returned with fresh faces and new designs as well as a new tooling partner that’s more competitively priced and a little more flexible in it’s quantity demands.

So what is EMBRACE+?

banner_2It’s a relatively simple concept but one that I’m really impressed with. It’s fairly minimal and doesn’t stand out too much unless you want it to.

It works by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth and alerts you to changes in your environment. Through a combination of visual and tactile cues, the EMBRACE+ gives you the information you want to know – so you can focus on your work, activities, and obligations.

The idea first came from Paul and Rudi whilst out with their friends on night. While laughing about constantly checking their phones they decided to come up with a solution and that solution was EMBRACE+.

The best thing about EMBRACE+ is that it’s waterproof. Say you’re out for a swim, chances are you aren’t going to have your phone with you in case it gets wet, but what if you’re expecting a call? You’ll look a bit stupid trying to swim around with one arm holding your phone in the air. This is where EMBRACE+ comes in. If you receive a call but your phone is elsewhere (like in a bag) the EMBRACE+ will flash a colour of your choice alerting you that you’ve got a call. One arm swimming problem solved.

banner_4The EMBRACE+ is fully customisable. Within the app for Android and iOS you can choose what notifications are important to you as well as what colour you’d like the notification to be. The built in colour wheel has thousands of colour possibilities too! Not only does it turn a certain colour, the EMBRACE+ also vibrates to let you know discreetly that you’ve got a notification or receiving a call.

The EMBRACE+ band is made of the highest quality transparent silicone produced in the U.S. ensuring 100% silicone with no harmful additives. It has been strength-tested for durability and is lead-free. Silicone is made of Silica, the most common constituent of sand, and is a great alternative to plastics that might leak chemicals and rubber to which some people might be allergic.

banner_6With only five days to go the EMBRACE+ has raised well over twice it’s initial goal with $210,389 in pledges. Priced at $49 or more you can grab yourself a regular edition of the EMBRACE+ but if you’re feeling fancy there are still a fair few limited editions left too if you decide to pledge $99 or more. For $259 or more you can get a special edition version of the EMBRACE+ which comes with your own message printed on the inside of the band.

For more information on the EMBRACE+ check out their Kickstarter page.

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