Xbox One Headset

Xbox-One-Headset-610x610According to a tweet posted by Xbox Support existing wired headsets such as the X11 and the Astro A40 will work with the Xbox One provided you’re willing to buy the adapter to do so.

Earlier Microsoft revealed the Xbox One wired headset. They also revealed that it won’t come bundled with the Xbox One like with the Xbox 360 because the Xbox One comes with the Kinect which can be used instead. This news wasn’t met with too much applause, especially with those who use headsets quite often, even more so with those who have purchased quite pricey headsets for their 360.

According to a tweet by Xbox Support Microsoft are working on an adapter so pre-existing wired headsets can be compatible with the Xbox One. Whether or not the quality will remain the same is something we’ll find out if the adapter manifests into a real product.

Details are pretty thin right now but as soon as we know more we’ll be on it!

[Source: Twitter, via CVG]

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