I’ve never really been a fan of screen protectors, they always seem to feel cheap and never apply properly. That’s probably because I’m talking mainly about the ones you get when you buy a cheap case of eBay, you know, the ones that come with that weird bit of yellow “cloth” and the only instructions your receive are the tiny broken English ones on the A and B tabs. I’ve never actually considered looking for a decent screen protector because I didn’t actually know there were people that did them until I found out about ExpertShield.

As I had written in my Nexus 4 review I have accumulated a handful of scratches, some are barely noticeable others just sitting there laughing at me. I knew I needed to get some form of protection for it but I didn’t want to sacrifice the overall look of my phone, I also didn’t want to be plagued with air bubbles – I hate air bubbles on screen protectors. ExpertShield know your pain that’s why they guarantee bubble and scratch free screen protection for the life of your device – seriously, they’re so confident in their screen protectors they’ve offered life time replacements if your ExpertShield gets scratched or damaged.

With the Nexus 4 you get two ExpertShields, one for the screen and another for the smooth glittery back, something I hadn’t actually considered protecting, but who wan’t a scratched up behind? There are instructions too which actually helped me out a lot. Application is pretty simple, you clean the hell out of the surface you’re going to apply the protector to with a nice cloth that they provide – they also recommend doing it in a steamy bathroom because dust settles in moist areas. You then apply a small part of the screen protector onto the surface after removing a small bit of the “Step 1” layer, make sure it’s lined up – press down and slowly remove the first layer as you press the protector down, I used a credit card to squeegee any bubbles out of the way. If you’ve made a mistake now is the perfect time to take it back up using a small piece of sticky tape  and re-allign it. I did mess up at first, but it was surprisingly easy to re-try it using the sticky tape method.

IMG_8977If you find that you’ve trapped some dust underneath the ExpertShield you can use a small piece of sticky tape to remove the dust from the underneath, again I had this problem but with the sticky tape method it worked surprisingly well and didn’t leave any marks on the underneath.

One you’re all lined up you remove “Step 2” layer and you’ll be surprised how well it applies, it’s almost unnoticeable. It’s that unnoticeable that when I applied the ExpertShield on the back I accidentally pulled the “Step 2” layer too quickly and removed all of it, but I still thought that it was on – it’s seriously that good.

It’s been on my Nexus 4 for almost a week now and it’s holding up really well. It’s actually removed the appearance of the minor scratches which is pretty awesome. The only thing that’s let the ExpertShield down for me is the fact that it’s not as wide as the entire screen of the Nexus 4. It falls short by about 3/4mm which causes my thumb to occasionally catch it when I’m swiping from left to right. It fits the top and bottom of the phone and covers the screen perfectly but if it were only a little bit wider I’d be giving the ExpertShield top marks.

The screen protector itself doesn’t go unnoticed whilst you’re using it, something I feel some people might not like. It’s not intrusive nor does it make using my phone difficult, it just gives the screen a slight rubbery texture.

Overall I’m save in the knowledge that I can now put my phone and some change in the same pocket. I don’t have to worry about plopping my keys on my phone and I’m a little less nervous about letting my chocolate labrador sit on my and flail her paws about whilst I’m trying to use my phone. Overall as a screen protector sceptic; I’m now a believer and for £7.95 for both front and back protection you can’t go wrong with this Nexus 4 screen protector from ExpertShield.

If you’re also looking for a screen protector for your Kindle Fire HD, iPhone 5, or even Digital SLR’s they do those too!

Now for the best part; if you’ve managed to get this far through the review then thank you for reading! Would you like to get an ExpertShield screen protector for yourself? Well I’m giving away one absolutely free for ANYONE. I mean it, I’ll send it to Australia, America, Canada, Brazil, India, anywhere. All you have to do is leave a comment below (and use a real email address when commenting) and I’ll pick one lucky winner at the end of the month!

Good Luck!

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Sounds awesome! I have a matte finish screenguard which has this ugly orange peel effect. Would like to give this one a try.

Piyush Kulshrestha
Piyush Kulshrestha

Nice review! I would definitely want to try it on my nexus..though its a bit hard to find it here in India! XD

Stevan Stevanovic
Stevan Stevanovic

A very nice review! I am a fan of screen protectors and silicon cases, even if the ruin the “line” of the phone. I just love my phones looking brand new all the time!

Thanks you for this nice giveaway!