facebookjune2013-0035At Facebooks event today in California the focus was immediately put onto on Instagram by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. After a short introduction Zuckerberg handed the reins over to CEO and founder of Instagram Kevin Systrom, this is when the rumour of Facebook announcing video sharing became a reality.

So far around 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram; pictures on the service receive around 1 billion ‘likes’ a day there are 130 million users on Instagram. At Facebooks event Systrom reminded us of Bourbon, a video an image sharing app that he was working on prior to Instagram. Born from Bourbon, Instagram became what it is today but with images because they could execute it simply and elegantly. At the time video wasn’t a viable option.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce Video on Instagram and bring you another way to share your stories. When you go to take a photo on Instagram, you’ll now see a movie camera icon. Tap it to enter video mode, where you can take up to fifteen seconds of video through the Instagram camera.

Soon the Instagram app will allow users to share short 15 second video clips pretty much the same way you already share images. 15 seconds? Why not 6? Well Instagram think that 15 seconds is the Goldylocks moment, it’s the perfect balance between being long enough, and being able to view and upload fast enough!

Just like Vine you’ll be able to share short video clips but with Instagram you’ve got around double the time Vine allows and because it’s Instagram you’ve also got the option to apply thirteen filters designed specifically for video. The option to choose what thumbnail is shown before the video is played is also another added feature.

Exactly like we see photo’s on Instagram today, we’ll also see video’s appearing on Facebook. As you can expect from such a massive user base the video sharing might have some teething problems but Instagram are hopefully prepared for what us as a image and video sharing community are going to throw at them.

What makes this even better for me is that iOS and Android will get the video function from day one. Hoorah!!

Thanks Engadget!

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