Facebook has had a hard time over the years with their Android apps. Mostly the focus has gone onto their iOS app and us Android users were just left with an app which displayed the web version of the site, that was until we received our own native Facebook app which was almost as bad as the web version..

Facebook have tried to make things better with posters asking employees to dogfood the Android app, or “droidfood” as they named, it in order to make things better and it has – to a point. Don’t get me wrong, the Facebook app has drastically improved over the past year or so, but there’s just a few minor things that need work.

Facebook are now introducing a proper beta test scheme for their app which uses Google’s newly created beta testing feature which is tied into Google Groups. This allows people such as yourself to opt-in to the beta test (providing you have a Google account) and get exclusive access to un-released beta updates of the Facebook app.

Google’s new beta testing feature is a perfect way for genuine app users to use apps and report any problems back to the developers directly. It cuts out the middle man and also stops users leaving bad feedback on the Play Store.

For those of you who are a little dubious, don’t worry, there’s no need to download an apk or allow any special permissions. Once you’ve opted into the beta test the app will receive an update just the same as any other update.

I’ve been using the beta app since yesterday evening and all’s well so far. There’s a few noticeable improvements as well as a bug or two here and there, but it’s pretty easy for me to head to the group and let people know any of my findings! I have to day, good on you Facebook, if this all goes well I’m sure we’ll see the Facebook app improve no-end.

If you want to sign up to the beta check out the Google Group here for more details.

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