I know that some of you have been querying Facebook’s decision to introduce the hashtag this week, a system which is more familiarly associated with Twitter, but the reasoning behind the decision is starting to add up. As we all know, hashtag support goes some way towards allowing users to track topics – particularly that is, in a flip board style reading app.

Zuck reads The Wall Street Journal has claimed that the world’s largest social network has spent the year working on a dedicated story browser, codenamed Reader. Whilst details are still a little sparse, it’s apparently been deemed important enough that Mark Zuckerbeg is closely involved with the project’s development. In the face of Google Reader’s demise, the timing seemingly couldn’t be better for the California based industry heavyweight to step into the market.

The good folks over at Techcrunch have confirmed the apps development and let us know that Mike Matas, co-founder of Pushpop Press which Facebook acquired in 2011, is leading the project. Push Pop Press enabled authors and publishers to convert physical books into iPad- and iPhone-friendly formats and Matas himself is a well known photographer with an impressive background in user-interface design, all signs pointing towards the suggestion that the app will be big on images, apposed to large bodies of text and RSS.

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