Phil fish is keeping things pretty quiet about Fez 2 but in a recent interview with Polygon when asked what platforms he’s considering to launch the sequel on his response was “not Xbox”.

Not good news then for Fez fans who where hoping for an Xbox release, however the hostility towards Microsoft comes as no surprise after things turned a little sour between both the developer Polytron and Microsoft after the games release in 2012.

After Polytron put a patch out to fix bugs in the game, the patch actually corrupted some saved game files and subsequently Microsoft pulled it, leaving Polytron with either a huge bill to sort the issue out or the option to re-release the slightly broken patch, they chose the latter saying that the file deletion bug was only effecting 1% of players.

Phil Fish seems to have moved on from last years events and seems to be a fan of the PlayStation 4 and it’s indie loving ways, in the interview with Polygon Phil wrote “One is having a big love-in orgy and the other is doing yet another fucking Minecraft port,”. Indie developers are receiving a lot of backing from Sony, at E3 last week they were given an extra boost as Sony bought the games and their developers into the booth.

When asked about the next installant Phil only had this to say “It exists, and Rich Vreeland is doing the music. That’s pretty much it”, he did however let us know to expect a completely new game, which is not what any Fez fan with an Xbox wants to hear.

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Hopefully the game is a massive flop…


Can’t wait to give Mr. Fish my money a third time. No lie, we literally bought a 360 just to play Fez. Yeah, we’ve bought about 60 other games too, but that’s by far my favorite. The GOG version is only an improvement, what with the 1080p and unlimited free patches — at least 4 so far, in a month and a half, and it was more stable to begin with. The 360 and its first-party games are the only Microsoft products we’ve bought in 10 years (the version of Fez from GOG runs great under Ubuntu, by the way),… Read more »