FIFA 14 Pure Shot

EA Sports’ annual football gaming masterpiece is coming this year with a dressing room full of game play and engine improvements for you to employ in your season long quest to take on the games AI opponents and to arrange in a set piece against your friends…or random people online. Perhaps the most important one of these for me and I suspect many others who play the game single player is the Team mate intelligence upgrade. This will mean that your fellow players will move much more intelligently (Captain Obvious rides again) and create chances rather than plodding up the pitch in a fairly predictable manner.

Along with the above, other improved features float around including “variable dribble touch”, which roughly translates as “your player not flailing like a turkey on amphetamines when you quickly turn a corner” and one that excites me the most. The improvements in ball physics will bring a huge amount more skill to the game as you have to predict each balls movements and at the same time be prepared for the ball to veer wildly and bounce at odd angles as you would normally see in a real football game.

fifa14_ps3_ge_precisionmovement2_wmFor most other players however its the new pure shot system that will bring most excitement. Players are gifted with the intelligence to adjust their stride and approach angle accordingly to take the best shot at burying the ball in the back of the net. Well-hit balls feel satisfying and goals are rewarding. As well as quality strikes, players can now shoot while off balance or rushed. This should make for much more exciting games and hopefully stop players online always going for that sweet spot in the box that means their shots always hit the back of the net. Anyone who plays FIFA 13 online knows where this is.

And the final piece of info, which came her for but instead found me babbling on like a recently awakened 24 year old fat guy with a beard drinking a can of monster before breakfast (more reality than a joke) is the release date. No announcement yet for next gen console release dates but it will probably be a PS4 and XBOne launch title. Its coming to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on the 24th of September for North America and September 27th for Europe.

A quick closing comment. I’m from the city where the first professional football club in the world, Sheffield FC, was founded. This means that I can call it Football. Not soccer. fifa14_x360_fr_pureshot2_wm


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